Bryan Lewis

Bryan Lewis

Mobile Product Designer | MailChimp

Bryan Lewis is a product designer focusing on mobile here in Atlanta, Georgia. He’s had the pleasure of being a part of some awesome teams like 352, Yik Yak and now MailChimp. Bryan approaches everything he does with empathy for the end user first. Shipping always requires compromise between business goals, scope and experience. Bryan feels the most valuable trait a product designer possesses is the ability to get their product to market with all 3 of these facets satisfied along a little delight.

Bryan is the proud father of 2 wonderful children that are, statistically speaking, probably getting into mischief right now as you’re reading this. Bryan’s wife Ashley is an incredibly talented artist, maker, entrepreneur and founder of her online children’s clothing boutique Native Fable. Together their little family lives way outside the city in a town called Woodstock which some say is the Atlanta of slightly further Northwest Georgia. No one really calls it that but it’s super cute, you should visit.

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