Sommer Panage

Sommer Panage

Mobile Tech Lead | Chorus Fitness

Sommer Panage is currently the Mobile Tech Lead at Chorus Fitness. Before taking on this role, she spent two years as a freelance iOS dev while pursing a career as professional circus artist and instructor. Previously, she worked in the accessibility space at Twitter and Apple. Sommer has a background in both psychology and computer science. When she is not Swifting away, you can find her training rope, trapeze or handstands, running or bouldering. You can follow her on Twitter at @sommer.

Sommer Panage – I made my app more accessible, and you won’t believe what happened next!


This talk will discuss what it means go make an app accessible and why it matters; then, we will delve into 10 simple and powerful ways to improve your product’s accessibility. Related

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